The Endless Nights Nightlife Experience

What is The Afterparty?

The Afterparty is an Adult Nightclub / Gentlemen's Club, and one of the most popular venues on Light Datacenter.

The goal is to provide patrons with the darker and more passionate side of nightlife, as per our vision at Endless Nights. With the selfsame production quality and standards you've come to expect.

Address: Light Datacenter - Twintania - Lavender Beds - Ward 3 Plot 28!

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    Dance Floor & Music

    The Afterparty features a fully handcrafted interior design with a dance floor and state-of-the-art speakers that allow for the absolute craziest of parties to go down within its premises.

    Featuring live mixes from our numerous resident DJs, every event is bound to leave an impression. Or a hangover.

    Special Menus

    The Afterparty features a completely new menu, consisting of a selection of special drinks that really enhance the nightlife experience.

    Private Booths

    The upper floor of the Afterparty features a multitude of private rooms, meant for the less formal of activities. Want to take a dancer somewhere private? Speak to our Booking Manager of the night and get yourself a Noir and booth!

    NOTE: Actual ERP is strictly forbidden and also not offered as a service. Please take any of these activities outside of the premises.


    To compliment The Afterparty's facilities, we have an in-house team of excellent dancers to provide entertainment services to all who should have the desire! These services include private dance sessions, as well as various other services, but no form of ERP is officially offered nor endorsed.

    © Endless Nights 2020. All rights reserved.

    Below, you will find profiles for each and every one of the dancers we have employed here at the Afterparty!

    Any and all of the listed dancers are available for private dances in our private rooms.
    Their descriptions, along with their preferred partners, are listed below.

    Please remember to treat our dancers with respect and decency - any abuse or disrespect will result in a warning and potentially a suspension from our dancer services.

    For the aforementioned dancer services, we have multiple brackets for pricing. It is possible to book multiple dancers at a time, but this is limited to 2 dancers. Additionally, a larger than usual group of people booking a single dancer does result in a higher pricing.

    Lap Dance - 75k (per 30 minutes)

    Fancy one of our Noirs, and want to have them to yourself - perhaps take a closer look? Order a lapdance and get a personal showing by a noir to your choosing.

    Booth Dance - 100k (per 30 minutes)_

    Fancy a dance from one of our Noirs, but don't want the rest of the club to enjoy the view? Take her into a private booth and enjoy some alone time.

    Companionship - 175k (per hour)

    Did your friends cancel on you last minute? Or got stuck in traffic? Still looking for someone to spend the evening with? You can book one of our lovely entertainers to keep you company. Be it drinking together, dancing, or just a chat; they’re up for it!

    Bodyshots - 50k

    Ever heard the expression "not to play with ones food"? But where's the fun in that if it's not done in an alluring manner...
    Bodyshots is one of the fun games the Afterparty has to offer. But be warned, although this is a fun way to break the ice between you and chosen Noir, it can also be a test of physical and mental inhibitions.
    Please respect the rules of the Afterparty and the boundaries of the Noir when participating, also the #1 rule imperative to this is to HAVE FUN!

    Strip Deathroll - 100k Maximum

    Strip Deathrolling is said to be one of the most dangerous games to play at a nightclub.. and also one of the most fun! Compete in a direct dice game with a Noir to your choosing and see who gets rid of the other's clothes the fastest.

    Payments are done directly to the dancer.
    To book a dancer, contact our Booking Manager on-site during our events!

    Leiko Kuroka

    Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
    Gender: Male
    Compansionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No preference

    Temptation, Desire, Lust. You may believe you knew the meaning of these words. "It's cute how wrong you are," Leiko might reply and offer to show you their true depth.
    Do you dare to not just stare into the abyss but plunge right into it? Do so and you may learn more about yourself than you thought possible.

    Kisa Rin

    Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No preferences

    Ever wondered what the heart of every party would look like? Look no further because Kisa is as close it gets. This Miqo is an ever-excited ball of fluff, ready to bounce around the dance floor without ever stepping on anyone's foot.
    Try to catch and hold her down and you'll soon face the wrath of a huntress who won't be caged. Learn to dance to her rhythm, though, and she'll go above and beyond to make you feel special.

    Kyro Ulfr

    Race: Xaela Au'Ra
    Gender: Male
    Compansionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: Male-leaning

    Kyro is rather playful and enthusiastic, often using his tail to express his emotions, he aims to please his patrons. Buried underneath his cheerful demeanor lies a slight sadistic streak however as he enjoys flustering and teasing others.

    Xi Rai

    Race: Xaela Au'Ra
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: Male Companions - Dances for All

    A little handful of flirty, a little handful of sexy.... Xi knows how to use her body and isn't afraid of doing it too. The little Au Ra can be cheeky, playful, nice or bratty, do you wanna find out which side you tickle out of her?

    Juno Nightfall

    Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
    Gender: Female
    Compansionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No preference

    Juno grew up on the edge of the Azim Steppe with her Xaelean brother, where she could always enthusiastically watch the fiery dancer of the Steppe.
    She was enthusiastic and practised for days and weeks to perfect the whole thing and to bring in her own style. Come and find out!

    Ceres Mistflower

    Race: Xaela Au'Ra
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: Feminine

    Ceres is a soft and sweet lass, but also devilishly flirtatious. Ceres embodies the element of water, eager to please and ready to mould into whatever your heart desires, especially if it involves her substantially heavy chest. She has travelled far and sampled much of the world and it's arts, and is always looking for new experiences. Maybe you can add to her many joyful memories?

    Lhulu Valravn

    Race: Xaela Au'Ra
    Gender: Female
    Compansionship: Not Available
    Preferred Partners: Auri (but anyone is welcome)

    After becoming a mercenary and defeating the strongest foe, after becoming a bard to sing her tales, after working as a bartender, after tasting all the sweet dishes of Hydaelyn.... Lhulu decided to try becoming a dancer to satisfy her inextinguishable curiosity. So if you're brave enough this Jack of all trade might bring you an unforgettable night

    Sakura Lotus

    Race: Midlander Hyur
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No preference

    An adventurer blinded in her travels, she cute and pink hyur, curious and unique. Shes always willing to try anything out. She sees in a unique way, with her ability to see peoples aether, manipulate it through pressure points with a single touch, will you be in control or will she?

    Cinbac Eto

    Race: Raen Au'ra
    Gender: Male
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No preference

    The wallflower he used to be is long gone after being exposed to Eorzea’s nightlife. Cinbac can be found throughout the venue mingling with others, where his bright personality is sure to cheer up your day. He might be playful or serious; invite him over though, and wherever you are looking for a good conversation or a partner on the dance floor, he is sure not to leave you wanting. For a while..

    Interested in becoming a dancer? Apply on our Afterparty Staff Application Form!